Free Ads

My primary goal in the revamped launch of is to attracted more regular readers and commenters.  One of the ways I am doing this is by offering up free ad space using two different criteria.

You will notice that the current blog design has six 125×125 ads prominently in the upper sidebar.

Top Commenters:

My favorite part of posting is getting all the great comments and interaction from regular readers.  To reward this group, the top  commenters for each time frame (usually a month) will have this coveted ad space for until the next time frame.  HOWEVER, spam commenters and those who move beyond interaction and try to artificially bump up their comments will be disqualified.  Also no person can be top commenter 2x in a row.


The second set of ads are reserved for Bearmania activities.  These will not have set time limits.  Instead as new ad program participants perform one of the following activities, their ad will take the place of the former one.    Bearmania activities include:

  • Purchasing a product from, our sister company store.  Contact me to let me know what name you used to purchase so I can verify before setting up your ad.
  • Sending a picture of yourself wearing your WackSack designed shirt.  Also contact me to let me know what name you used to purchase so I can verify before setting up your ad.
  • Designing a web banner for Bearman Cartoons.  I hate my banners, so designers get out your photoshop/illustrator tools and do me one better. Feel free to use the Bearman Cartoons logo.  Approved banners will be posted in the Beartoons banner section along with a permalink to your site.  Example tag lines that may be useful include:
    • A Hack Cartoonist’s View of the World
    • Editorial Cartoons, Pop-Culture Cartoons, Other BS
    • A Moderate’s View of the Crazies all Around Me
    • Blog Blog Blog – Blog about Beartoons. Overall promotion, promoting contests, free ad program etc etc.
    • Socialize me – Follow BearmanCartoons on Google Plus, become a Beartoons fan on Facebook, Follow Bearmancartoons on Twitter.  All links are available at the left of the home page.
    • Guest Cartoons – Either editorial cartoons, answer a specific call for guest cartoons OR send a picture of your webcomic character(s) with our URL and the words “I’m a Bearmaniac”
    • Other ideas – Contact me if you have other ideas that may be worthy of including in this list.

How to join the Ad Program

2 steps –

  1. Put a link or Bearman Cartoons Banner on your website
  2. Contact me with a link to your 125×125 banner ad.  I will include your ad in my links page.  Then whenever you are an ad winner, I can automatically post your ad in the appropriate spot.

I reserve the right to cancel/modify the program at any time. But I probably won’t. haha

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